Same with other commercial areas in cities, there will be areas that sell the same items or have the same services offered like the meatpacking district in New York before the Civil War. Same here in Manila, there’s a street where they sell almost the same items, this is Juan Luna St in Manila.

Juan Luna, which previously named Calle Anloague, has stores on general merchandising clothes all lined up on store fronts. Located in the Binondo and Divisoria area of Manila, clothes that are sold here are up for commercial use like logo branding, giveaways and the like. Clothes available include plain and colored T-shirts, short and long sleeve shirts, caps and tank tops. Others even offer variations of different clothing materials like silk and pure cotton. Some shops even offer branding printing services other than clothing, they go on to school supplies and lanyards.

More than the commercial shirts sold around, the street also sells wholesale items on school supplies, general merchandise like socks and underwear, gift items, fishing materials, canvass and other linen materials, kitchen supplies and a whole lot more. It’s the mecca of wholesale goods and even retail items.

The place also has shopping malls that sell variety of goods. Malls near the area are Divisoria Mall, the famous 168 Mall, 999 Mall, City Place and Lucky Chinatown Mall which sells a more branded and upscale items. The street is also near the Tutuban Mall complex where more choices are offered.

If one is unfamiliar with the chaos in the area, one can say it’s a one hell of an experience. The street is quite untidy and a lot of shirtless muscled men are all running around delivering goods to other places. Due to traffic in the area, store owners opt to just send messengers to deliver goods by means of push-carts. There are also street vendors and street crying kids that may run around. It’s best to dress appropriately so as not to catch so much attention and be attentive on your things. Traffic is more tolerable in weekdays than weekends since bargain hunters come by all over manila to purchase goods.

After visiting this place, you’ll definitely appreciate the dynamic culture Manila has to offer in terms of doing business with different types of people. You’ll also definitely appreciate the value you’ll be saving from purchasing the same goods in malls. It’s one of the few places you need to visit to complete your Manila experience.


Aside from the very diverse culture the Metro has to offer, Manila also boast some of the best
University’s in the region. Highly competitive universities that are world-class in terms not limited to
school standards but also through the product of their students.

One of the best universities in the country is De La Salle University-Manila. Established in 1911 by the
Brothers of the Christian Schools, this Catholic university is the first to receive the highest accreditation
mark from the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities. Located at the
busy street of Taft Avenue, this top-notch university puts its highest premium on maintaining the best
teaching faculty to take part in developing a culture of research and taking advanced studies to seek
new knowledge.

The university also focuses on the University infrastructures that will further enhance the development

of its students. These infrastructures include state-of –the art classrooms and laboratories, air
conditioned study areas, museum, different libraries like this one, a nine-storey sports complex, 2 chapels and one of the best academic
libraries in the country.

As the university recently celebrated its 100 years of Lasallian Education in the country, it continues
to build on its traditions of excellence and service. It continues its drive for excellence by being part of
international network like the ASEAN University Network.

The school also boasts its sports program where the famous De La Salle Green Archers are playing
for. The team has already been a trademark of excellence in the University Athletic Association of the
Philippines (UAAP). The team have always been competitive in pursuing the championship every year
especially against rival school Ateneo de Manila University’s Ateneo Blue Eagle. This is just a few of the
things Lasallians are privileage to have: the Lasallian Spirit.

Lastly, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has acknowledge DLSU-Manila for its brilliance in
the fields of research, academics, and extension service, awarding of 10 centers of excellence ( the most
amount private universities in the country) namely: Chemical Engineering ( the only one in the country),
Mechanical Engineering (lone awardee), Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Electronics and
communications Engineering, Literature, English Language and Filipino.

With these set of standards and credentials, this university will surely go a long way providing Lasallian
Education in the country.

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